July 2018

Monday 23 July - Friday 27 July

Please note that the programme is for 5 mornings or 5 afternoons or 5 whole days.

Mornings: 9:00 am - 12.00 pm - Musical Montages

In this class the children will draw up close parts of musical instruments and then they will create a composition by arranging the parts into a montage. The final art work will be created using oil pastels.

Afternoons: 12.30-3.30pm - Fabric Art - Mandala Cushions
external image mandalas_by_thirdeyephoto.jpg
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQzEDE7z1gyOnJnL1RsHrzS_dw1LaSC_DpQ2sOpKvaODfk7IBs2
external image 9848068_mandala-15.jpg

In the afternoons the children will learn lots about the use of pattern in Art. They will design their own mandala which they will paint onto fabric using fabric dyes. The fabric will then be sewn into a cushion cover. For this class there is an additional cost of $10 as a cushion insert will be provided.

For those children attending the whole day there will be a supervised lunch break from 12 - 12.30pm

Venue: Artroom at Saint Kentigern Girls School, 514 Remuera Rd, Remuera.

Fees: $200 for 5 mornings or $200 for 5 afternoons + $10 for cushion insert or $380 for 5 whole days + $10 for cushion insert. (Discount for siblings.)

April 2018

Mornings: Mexican Folk Art Angels

Another great holiday programme was held in April which was attended by a number of new students as many of my regular holiday programme students were away on big holidays.

In the mornings the students looked at Mexican Folk Art and they created highly decorative angels from mixed media. The students loved using the bejeweller to add jewels to their finished art works. They also used clay and the slab roller to create another angel. These are now air drying before being fired in the kiln.

Aamani - Year 4 Suri - Year 6 Aisling - Year 4
Arabella - Year 5 Sophie - Year 6 Luna - Year 1
Ella - Year 2 Lola - Year 1 Elise - Year 4
Afternoons: Romero Britto Sculptures

In the afternoon programme the students used polystyrene sheeting to create amazing pop art sculptures in the style of Romero Britto. Here are a few of their creations:

Lucia Romero Britto.jpg
Lucia - Year 1
Monica Romero Britto.jpg
Monica - Year 1
Tiffany Romero Britto.jpg
Tiffany - Year 1
Chloe Romero Britto.jpg
Chloe - Year 4 (Not finished)
Amelia Romero Britto.jpg
Amelia - Year 4
To be finished:
Becky - Year 8
Katie - Year 6

January 2018

Mornings: Painting on a canvas - The Rain Forest

The children created stunning paintings on canvas, in the morning programme, around the theme of "In the Rain Forest."

Pic Collage Rainforest.jpg
Pic Collage Rainforest.jpg

Afternoons: Clay - In My Garden

In the afternoons the children worked with clay and created art works around the theme of "In My Garden." There were fairy houses, korus, sunflower tiles, owls, suns, cats etc. The clay works are now air drying before they will be fired in the kiln.Then the children will return to paint, glaze or oxide their master pieces.

December 2017

Mornings: Pacifica - Drawing, Printing and Weaving

The children used a range of processes and media to create their own Pacifica art work:

Pic Collage Mornings.jpg

Afternoons: Sculpture - Altered Alebrijes

What great fun the children had deconstructing a soft toy and letting their imaginations run wild to create a new animal. By the end of the week each animal had developed its own personality and special characteristics:

Pic Collage Afternoons 2

October 2017

Mornings - Clay - Xmas here we come

The children loved working with the clay and created an amazing array of Xmas art works that will be heirloom pieces for their families. The clay has been fired in the kiln and the children have painted, glazed, oxided or taken home their master pieces in its bisque state.

Afternoons - Painting - Designer Bags

The children drew bugs and beetles that they painted onto fabric. Then they sewed on the legs using an assortment of beads. Each child created 2 different bugs, one for each side of their bag. Now their art works have been sewn into designer bags.

Bag Collage 2.png
Bag Collage 1.png
July 2017

Mornings: Drawing - We looked at a New Zealand artist called Rosanne Sullivan and we created an artwork about New Zealand in a similar style using vivids and watercolour pencils. Here are our finished art works:

Sophie Marshall Poster.JPG
Sophie M. - Year 4
Rebecca Webster Poster.JPG
Becky - Year 7
Milly MacLeod Poster.JPG
Milly - Year 4

Zambezi Butler poster.JPG
Zambezi - Year 5
Phoebe Hirst Poster.JPG
Phoebe - Year 4
Daniella Gillard Poster.JPG
Daniella - Year 2

Sophie Yan Poster.JPG
Sophie Y. - Year 5
Sienna Hirst Poster.JPG
Sienna - Year 5
Caroline Healy Poster.JPG
Caroline - Year 5

Julia Koeman Poster.jpg
Julia - Year 7
Laura Koeman Poster.jpg
Laura - Year 3

Don't you think that they would make amazing stamps or posters to show case our beautiful country?

Afternoons: Clay - In the art room we have a new clay tool. It is a clay extruder. During this programme we learnt to use it and the slab roller to create a range of clay works. Our art works are now air drying before they are fired in the kiln.

Here is a peek at some of our creations:
Sophie Yan - Jug.png
Sophie Y. - Year 5
Mr Snappy.png
Daniella - Year 2
Sophie Marshall Cabin.png
Sophie M. - Year 4

April 2017

Children are fascinated by Pablo Picasso and his Cubist style.
Portraiture Collage 1.jpg
In Week 1 of the holiday programme the children had great fun producing these Picasso Style art works. They also created some Picasso clay tiles that are now air drying before they will be fired.
In Week 2 of the holiday programme the class was full and 9 of the children created Picasso Style art works. Becky, who had attended Week 1 as well, chose to create an art work based on the theme of Russian architecture on an A2 sheet of toiling foil and she did some weaving using clay.

Becky Webster Toiling Foil Cropped.jpg

PicCollage Picasso Week 2.pngPicCollage Picasso Heads.png

January 2017

Morning Sessions: Clay

The children created dioramas for the poem about the Owl and Pussycat. They designed the stage set from a shoe box and then using clay they created the characters and the props. The pieces were air dried before they were fired in the kiln. Then they were painted and arranged on the stage sets.
Vrishti Subbaiah.JPG
Vrishti - Year 4
Grace Bluck Diorama.JPG
Grace - Year 4
Sophie Yan Diorama.JPG
Sophie Year 5
Emily Cosham Diorama.JPG
Emily - Year 7

Afternoon Sessions: 12.30 pm - 3.30 pm - Drawing and Printmaking
In the afternoons the children looked at the work of Hundertwasser. They created their own "Hundertwasser style" landscape from vivid and dye. Some of the children created a printing block of their design and created some prints from it.
Hundertwasser PicCollage.png
December 2016

Morning Sessions: Mixed Media

Look at the amazing mermaids and King Neptune art works the children created and oh what fun was had making scales using a hole punch and gluing on all the curly hair and jewels.PicCollage Mermaids.png

Afternoon Sessions: Carving

The children carved clay, oasis and polystyrene which was a new experience for everyone.

PicCollage Emotion Sculptures.png

PicCollage Clay Cat Tiles.png
October 2016

Morning Sessions: Painting - "Out of Africa - The Big Five."

PicCollage Africa.png

Afternoon Sessions: Clay - "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party"

The children thought of really interesting guests for the tea party. We had musicians like prince, authors the Grimm brothers, inventors Albert Einstein , sportsmen Mohammed Ali and more. The finished work is now air drying for a few weeks and then it will be fired in the kiln and then we can decorate it.

July 2016

Morning Sessions: Sculpture

Here are the sculptures that the children created after looking at Jeff Thompson's Corrugated Iron sculptures. The photos of the fish don't show that they are 3D box like sculpture. The portraits were created by collaging the faces together. They were made as a wall hanging.

Fish Pic Collage.png

Portrait Collage.png

Afternoon Sessions: Drawing

Tanya McCabe has a very distinctive style which appealed to the children. They analysed her style and then created their own art work in that style using vivid markers and water colour pencil. Those who finished early rolled out a slab on the new slab roller and then cut away the clay to expose their cat.
Cat Pic Collage.png

Cat Tile PicCollage.png

April 2016
Morning Sessions - Russian Architecture - Fabric Painting:
Rebecca Webster Russian Dye.JPG

Rebecca - Year 6
Sophie Yan Russian Dye.JPG

Sophie Y. - Year 4
Olive-Rose Gofton Russian Dye.JPG

Olive-Rose - Year 4
Sophie Marshall Russian Dye.JPG
Sophie M. - Year 3
Harriet ligthfoot Russian Dye.JPG

Harriet - Year 7
Elizabeth Lightfoot Russian Dye.JPG

Elizabeth - Year 9
Julia Koeman Russian Dye.JPG

Julia - Year 6
Jolene Huang Russian Dye.JPG
Jolene- Year 5
Laura Koeman Russian Dye.JPG
Laura - Year 2
Joanne - Year 3

Nick - Year 7
Afternoon Sessions - Clay:
PicCollage Clay April.png
January 2016

Morning Sessions: Clay

Here are a few examples of the children's work:
PicCollage Clay.jpg

Afternoon Sessions: Paint & Pastel "Chinese Dragons"

Here are our Dragons:
Pic collage paintings.jpg

December 2015
Morning Sessions: Totem Poles - Talking Trees
PicCollage Totem Poles.jpg
Afternoon Sessions: Christmas
Here is a sample of the art works that the children made:

PicCollage Christmas.jpg

October 2015

Morning Sessions: Ancient Egyptian Art.

Here is a sample of the art works that the children made using the toiling foil:

Sophie Y Egypt.JPG
Patrick Egypt.JPG
Caroline Egypt.JPG
Harriet Lightfoot Egypt.jpg

Priscilla 2 Egypt.jpg

Priscilla Cartouche.JPG
Nick Cartouche.JPG
Harriet Cartouche.JPG
Elizabeth Lightfoot Egypt.jpg

Afternoon Sessions: Sculpture - Mask Making.
Zara Mask.JPG
Zara - Year 7
Sophie M Mask.JPG
Sophie M. - Year 2
Joshua Mask.JPG
Joshua - Year 4
Amy Mask.JPG
Amy - Year 2
Becky Mask.JPG
Becky - Year 5
Mary Mask.JPG

Mary - Year 5
Amelie Mask.JPG
Amelie - Year 3
Nick Mask.JPG
Nick - Year 6
Sophie Y Mask.JPG
Sophie Y. - Year 3

July 2015
Morning Sessions -Painting with Paper - "Mixed Up Animals."
Sophie Yan Animal.JPG
Sophie - Year 3
Poppy Wood Animal.JPG
Poppy - Year 5
Sophie Marshall Animal.JPG
Sophie - Year 2
Caroline Healy Animal.JPG
Caroline - Year 3

Guy Wood Animal.JPG
Guy - Year 2
Flynn Wood Animal.JPG
Flynn - Year 7
Chelsea Baxter Animal.JPG
Chelsea - Year 7
Patrick Healy Animal.JPG
Patrick - Year 5
Mary Stanfield Animal.JPG
Mary - Year 5

Afternoon Sessions - Clay.
Here is a sample of the clay sculptures that the children made:

July 2015 Holiday.png

April 2015
Here is a sample of work that the children made:
Rebecca Wing.JPG


December 2014
Morning Sessions - Paint and Pastel - "Henri Rousseau - NZ Style"
Zahra Bush.jpg
Zahra - Year 3
Sophie Bush.jpg
Sophie - Year 2
Anna Bush.jpg
Anna - Year 6
Millie Bush.jpg
Milly - Year 1
Jiya Bush.jpg
Jiya - Year 2
Natasha Bush.jpg
Natasha - Year 1
Aanya Bush.jpg
Aanya - Year 1
Nick Bush.jpg
Nick - Year 5
Jane Bush.jpg
Jane - Year 5

Afternoon Sessions - Drawing with Dye and Vivid - "Aboriginal Art"

Layla Aboriginal.jpg

Layla - Year 6
Sophie Aboriginal.jpg
Sophie - Year 2
Jane Aboriginal.jpg
Jane - Year 5
Katie Koala.jpg
Katie - Year 5
Anna Turtles.jpg
Anna - Year 6
Nick Platypus.jpg
Nick - Year 5

September 2014
Week 1 Afternoon Sessions - Painting - "Bring on the Clowns"
Claudia Clown.jpg
Claudia - Year 6
Poppy Clown.jpg
Poppy - Year 4
Sophia Clown.jpg
Sophia - Year 2
Amelie Clown.jpg
Amelie - Year 2
Rebecca Clown.jpg
Rebecca - Year 4
Chiara Clown.jpg
Chiara - Year 4
Charlotte Clown.jpg
Charlotte - Year 2

Week 2 Morning Sessions - Drawing with Vivid and Dye - "Killeen Meets Pacifica"
Zahra Tapa.png
Zahra - Year 3
Sienna Bug.jpg Sienna - Year 1
Priscilla Bug.jpg
Priscilla - Year 2
Ollie Bug.jpg
Ollie - Year 1
Natasha Bug.jpg
Natasha - Year1
Milly Bug.jpg
Millie - Year 1
Mao Bug.jpg
Mao - Year 6
Bridget Bug.jpg
Bridget - Year 4
Charlotte Bug.jpg
Charlotte - Year 2
Aanya Bug.jpg
Aanya - Year 1

July 2014
Morning sessions - Drawing with Vivid and Dye
Aanya - Year 1

Jimmy - Year 4

Mao - Year 6
Jiya - Year 2
Zahra 4.jpg
Zahra - Year 3
Priscilla 4.jpg

Priscilla - Year 2
Nick 4.jpg
Nick - Year 5
Rebecca 4.jpg
Rebecca - Year 4

Afternoon Sessions - Clay

Clay Collage Day 1.jpg

Clay Collage Day 2.jpg
PicCollage Cats.jpg
Sophia Cat.jpg
Sophia - Year 2
Harriet Cat.jpg
Harriet - Year 5

April 2014
Morning Sessions - Working With Clay

Afternoon Sessions - Drawing With Chalk Pastels

Collage Chalk Pastels.jpeg
Some of Our Finished Art Works:
Christy - Year 3
Priscilla - Year 2
Rebecca - Year 4
Selena - Year 7
Zahra - Year 3
Natasha Clay.jpg
Natasha - Year 1
Rebecca Clay PicCollage.jpg
Rebecca - Year 4