After School Programme:
Collage - Painting with Paper
This term children looked at the work of Eileen Downes an artist who "paints" with bits of torn paper for a palette. Here are some examples of her amazing work:
external image da8cb0f78019151339720b33644a1f72.jpg
external image 1c81a15f87c01de5e8d84eb8b396919d--magazine-collage-paper-magazine.jpg
external image 309_Pandagiclee.jpg
Now look at the children's amazing art works:
Jolene Huang Collage.JPGJolene- Year 6
Milly MacLeod Collage.JPG
Milly - Year 4
Emma Scholtz Collage.JPG
Emma - Year 4Keira Evans Collage.JPG
Keira - Year 5
Sophie Yan Collage.JPG
Sophie - Year 5
Elodie Donnelly Collage.JPG
Elodie - Year 4
Lulu Fairbairn Collage.JPG
Lulu - Year 2
Daniella Gillard Collage.JPG
Daniella - Year 2
Olive-Rose Gofton Collage.JPG
Olive-Rose - Year 5
Caroline Healy Colage.JPG
Caroline - Year 5
Carrick Donnelly Collage.JPG
Carrick - Year 4
Grace Bluck Collage.jpg
Grace - Year 4
Ava Donnelly Collage.JPG
Ava - Year 2

Holly Carnegie Collage.jpg
Holly - Year2