After School Programme:
Fabric Painting

This term we looked at the work of a New Zealand artist called Flox. The children created their own art work of a bird in a similar style. They painted their design onto fabric using fabric dyes and black markers.

Here are some examples of Flox's work:

external image FillWyI2NDAiLCI2NDAiXQ-Round-and-Round-the-garden-Haus-of-Flox.jpg
external image FLOX12.png
Here are the children's art works in the "style of Flox."
Vrishti Subbaiah Flox.JPG
Vrishti- Year 3
Victoria Tiong Flox.JPG
Victoria - Year 6
Sophie Yan Flox.JPG
Sophie - Year 4
Zoe Bowden Flox.JPG
Zoe - Year 5
Milly McLeod Flox.JPG

Milly - Year 3
Keira Evans Flox.JPG

Kiera - Year 4
Jolene Huang Flox.JPG
Jolene - Year 6
Jia Raj Flox.JPG
Jiya - Year 4
Grace Bluck Flox.JPG
Grace - Year 3
Carrick Donnelly Flox.JPG
Carrick - Year 3
Caroline Healy Flox.JPG
Caroline - Year 4
Amelie Heeney Flox.JPG
Amelie - Year 4