After School Programme:
My Garden - Drawing With Pastels
This term, I don't believe that, the learning that the children achieved is visible in the final art works that they created.
They analysed the art works of famous artists like Claude Monet, David Hockney and Claudia Pond-Eyley. Then they thought about the components that they would like in their own gardens and did observational drawings of them which they cut out and arranged onto a large piece of paper. They had to think about perspective and create a background, a middle ground and a foreground. Plus they needed to put in a horizon line and have overlapping. When their designs were complete they used the lighting box to transfer it onto another piece of paper. Utilising their pastel techniques they added colour to their art works.
Vrishti Subbaiah Garden.JPG
Vrishti - Year 3
Olive-Rose Gofton Garden.JPG
Olive-Rose - Year 4
Jiya Raj Garden.JPG
Jiya - Year 4
Sophie Yan Garden.JPG
Sophie - Year 4
Isabella van Arkel.JPG
Isabella - Year 3
Carrick Donnelly Garden.JPG
Carrick - Year 3
Caroline Healy Garden 2.jpg
Caroline - Year 4
Amelie Heeney Garden.JPG
Amelie - Year 4
Charlotte - Year 6

Victoria - Year 6