This term we created designer bags. We looked at the work of an American artist called Laurel Burch. Here are some examples of her work:

external image Two_Cats_3h.jpg
external image gifts_Laurel%20Burch.jpg
external image burch12.jpg
external image catthumb.jpg

We designed our own artworks about cats that we painted onto calico bags using fabric paints. The paint was heat set to enable the bag to be washed.
Here are our finished bags:
Sophie M Bag 2.JPGSophie M Bag 1.JPG
Sophie M. - Year 2
Priscilla Bag 1.JPG Priscilla Bag 2.JPG
Priscilla - Year 3
Niick Bag.JPG
Nick - Year 6
Caroline Bag.JPG
Caroline - Year 3
Josh Bag 2.JPGJosh Bag 1.JPG

Joshua - Year 4
Isabel Bag 2.JPGIsabel Bag 1.JPG

Isabel - Year 6
Amelie Bag 1.JPGAmelie Bag 2.JPG
Amelie - Year 3
Amy Bag 1.JPGAmy Bag 2.JPG
Amy - Year 2
Coco Bag 1.JPGCoco Bag 2.JPG
Coco - Year 5
Elodie Bag 1.JPGElodie Bag 2.JPG
Elodie - Year 2
Sophie Y Bag 2.JPGSophie Y Bag 1.JPG
Sophie Y. - Year 3
Lizzie Bag 2.JPGLizzie Bag 1.JPG
Lizzie - Year 5
Jiya Bag 2.JPGJiya Bag 1.JPG
Jiya - Year 3
Grace Bag 2.JPGGrace Bag 1.JPG
Grace - Year 2
Claudia had looked at the artist Laurel Burch before so she
chose to look at the artist Dan Morris and night and day for her bag.
Claudia Bag 2.JPGClaudia Bag 1.JPG
Claudia - Year 6