This term we focused on flowers and we will looked at the work of a New Zealand artist called Pamela Wolfe. Here are some examples of her work:
Pamela Wolfe Old Style.jpg

The students had the option of painting on a canvas which the majority of them chose to do. Some chose to work in the style of Pamela Wolfe's older art works with a vase of flowers on a table in front of a window while others chose to work in her newer style with partial vases of flowers on a black background.
Here are some of our finished art works:

Sophie Pamela Wolfe.png
Sophie - Year 3
Sean Pamela Wolfe.png
Sean - Year 4
Chelsea Pamela Wolfe.png
Chelsea - Year 7
Natasha Pamela Wolfe.png

Natasha - Year 2
Violet Pamela Wolfe.png
Violet - Year 2
Frankie Pamela Wolfe.png
Frankie - Year 7
Nick - Year 6
Nick Pamela Wolfe.png
Katie Pamela Wolfe.png
Katie - Year 6
Priscilla Pamela Wolfe.png

Priscilla - Year 3
Jiya Pamela Wolfe.png
Jiya - Year 3
Vrishti Pamela Wolfe.JPG
Vrishti - Year 2
Claudia Barron Chinan.JPG
Claudia - Year 7
Isobella Norton.JPG
Isobella - Year 2
Grace Bluck.JPG
Grace - Year 2
Zahra Pamela Wolfe.JPG
Zahra - Year 3
Layla Pamela Wolfe.JPG
Layla - Year 7
Yvonne Fatani.JPG
Yvonne - Year 8
Caroline Healy.JPG

Caroline - Year 2
Natasha F Pamela Wolfe.JPG
Natasha - Year 7
Lizzie Pamela Wolfe.JPG

Lizzie - Year 5